Hi, Mr.Podz

Remember our history
The best resource in all universes for the entire Mr.Podz family! These pages are regularly updated by the Perfectslove|The Moon Park team so our friends have the latest information!!!
We listen to the participants, take into account the feedback from our community and rely on them to provide as much permanent value and pleasure for the Moon Park as possible.

History. What is The Moon Park?

A long time ago, an entrepreneur (maybe it was you) flew to the moon. Then another one (or this one), and so it became commonplace (you're definitely here).
After a while, they created a secret place for recreation, entertainment and competitions and called it Moon Park.

First meeting

We have created a place where each participant of the park can offer his own competition and prize, participate in others and get prizes too.
At the first meeting, they decided to vote themselves what privilege to give themselves and it was to give themselves a new 1 nft free of charge, from the following collections.

Why The Moon Park?

We want to create the funniest and most recognizable group of friends, regardless of origin. We strive to connect users in various ways, in our Discord, via Twitter. The presence of Mr.Podz from The Moon Park means much more than just having an NFT - it's a whole new universe of entertainment that you can connect with and influence.

Who We Are

Tkermikyan Ashka - Motion Designer
She lives with her parents in Armenia, not far from Yerevan. An artist and a born 3d designer and motion designer. She loves playing Starcraft 2. She is extremely inquisitive and is the director of a studio developing innovative technologies for low-poly models. She really wants many people to wear their keys on a MoonPark keychain as bringing good luck and love.
Ashka - Mr.Podz
Sandro Liy - Designer
Lives in Mongolia, big DOOM fan. If your MrPodz has a background of destruction and action that resembles super-chaos, this is his work.
Perhaps even entire neighborhoods in a future meta-universe will consist of super-chaos. Very stubborn. Likes to dilute - regularly with a dose of adrenaline - any stagnation.
As a result, we ended up together. (Here his eyes burn with the desire to brag about the super-chaos he has already created for you in Moon Park.)
Sandro - Mr.Podz
Azis Lasko - Creative Designer
He lives in Poland and considers it his duty to watch all art house films. He attends all fashion shows and develops his sense of subtle beauty and harmony. The colors and patterns are his compilation of past fashion shows and the derivation of future fashion. He blossoms and reveals himself even more by working in Moon Park.
Azis - Mr.Podz
Ashhen Terteryan - Artist, Master of Architecture, Designer
Lives in Armenia. A person who gets cosmic pleasure from drawing, all the elements of MrPodz were drawn by her, with felt-tip pens on paper.
Ashhen - Mr.Podz
Likyan Sergo - Artist,Art Director
Lives in Armenia, is responsible for control - control. As well as partnership and search for marketers. The super brain of the team. The Moon Park is vital, and therefore this is the main thing for me, the main thing is that we (all participants of the Moon Park) I liked it and it brings pleasure.
Sergo - Mr.Podz