About the character Mr. Podz

The main and indispensable participant of the Moon Park
Mr.Podz looks like a victory gesture, similar to headphones and a Saranghae gesture
· Saranghae - it's a finger gesture
· Saranghae means I love you.
· In Korean, it is written as 사랑해.
Mr.Podz consists of 73 layers. Each layer has at least 20 variations. When forming DNA, only the basic 6 are taken into account: Headdress, casual clothes, Balaclava, Face, bangs and hair, Mouth.
But the remaining 67 layers form the park, the situations in the background and their interaction.
There are also dependencies of the background and Mr. Podz - for the formation of an ironic complex -funny emotions.
The entire DNA list
Simply put, this is a confirmation of the uniqueness of each Mr. Podz

How can I get?

The Moon Park - Mr. Podz will initially launch a pre-order for the day at a price of 0.04 ETH. Next, a public sale will take place at a price of 0.05 ETH. They can then be purchased through your favorite NFT marketplace. Here are a couple of trading platforms where you can find your Mr. Podz

Find out what You can expect while owning NFT The Moon Park Mr.Podz

Free NFTs
Access to the memory wall of The Moon Park
Automatically and offline - Collect your NFT collection for free
Access to Closed Sections
Participate in closed sections
Free 3D Keychain
Wear the keys on the super trendy and stylish figure of your Mr.Podz
Leave a message for the future.
Participation in the creation of NFT
Participate in this
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