Introduction to the Moon Park

Hello again
The Moon Park is a community-managed collection of 3,355 randomly generated ERC-721A Mr.Podz TTM tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
Our mission is to create the largest place in the metaverse, with the most exclusive contests and prizes.
Ownership of Mr.Podz gives you lifetime access to the exclusive entertainment of The Moon Park, excitement, contests and winnings filled with those privileges for which the community will vote!

Why the Moon Park?

Owning Mr.Podz and membership in Moon Park will give you access to a whole community and a network of contests with various experiences and prizes, directions, interests and much more!
Fun and community are everything to us, so we strive to show the best and funniest by creating a community-oriented space.
Contests for the development of hobbies and addictions. Business development contests Contests for better communication and even more socialization, even more friends, even more!
Free NFTs
Expand your collection for free with our following collections. You will automatically and autonomously expand your NFT collection with both our help and that of our partners.
It's a great foundation for the future because we already know everything. That there's more than just NFT behind it.
Access to Closed Sections
You'll be able to dive periodically into problem solving, decision making, and psychological games to expand your decision-making field and patterns.
With techniques that further enrich and complicate your thinking, allowing you to make decisions on all levels even more effectively and gratefully.
And, of course: Participate in contests, one of which has a prize waiting for you: our team will create your NMT (from start to finish). It's a process of gathering, pulling and letting go.
Free 3D Keychain
We will deliver the goods to you for free. 3d physical keychain with your Mr. Podz, such a small holder of your keys with hands and feet.
Access to the memory wall of The Moon Park
This is the place where you can leave your 1 file that will go to the future. We will take care of the storage in IPFS for over 1,000 years - this wall of memory.
Participation in the creation of NFT
Keep in touch with the development team. You'll see the process and first sketches, the transformation process, and we'll listen to you if you'd like.
Your choice
The community itself votes what privilege to give itself. You choose!